What we do

Dream Big Stay Humble is a Non-Profit Organization that was born out of a need to provide young people with practical knowledge in their areas of interest in order to propel them in the direction of their goals. We organize and host Initiatives aimed at empowering future leaders, visionaries, philanthropists, and world changers.

Our Programmes Extend To:

Skills Development

Child & Youth Development

Sports Development

Business Development

Community Outreach

About Us

Our vision is to build a wide network of business mentors for the youth to tap into in order to achieve their desired professional goals.

Do you want to make a difference?



We partner with businesses that share the same values and mission as us. Whether you are a start-up, a foundation or a large cooperation, you can choose to donate funds to any of our six CSI/CSR Portfolios of your liking. You can play a part in reorganizing our communities and empowering the youth.
group of young people collaborating


We help shape, build and maintain your businesses CSI status, through collaborating with us fundraising is the ‘go-to’ method to uplifting your businesses reputation in our communities. Do you want to collaborate with us? Click the tab below, we will then explore the opportunities by getting in touch with you. Your collaboration/fundraising with us will support our initiatives as well as effect change in our communities.

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Our Volunteering Program

We aim to use the power of community to better people’s lives and to bring about social change in our communities. We are constantly building a network of volunteers to play a crucial role in realizing Dream Big Stay Humble’s mission and vision across all of our CSI portfolios.

Passion, Positivity & Energy.

Be a part of the Dream Big Stay Humble Tribe to help increase the quality of work we do under each of our portfolios throughout the year. Our volunteers should instill valuable qualities in our Organization.

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