Community Outreach

Dream Big Stay Humble aims to provide resources, professional services, or services of a specific expertise to a group of people or communities who may not otherwise have access to these resources or services.

1. Keep Up The Pace


“Keep Up The Pace” is an outreach initiative, A ‘school shoes drive’ Dream Big Stay Humble hosts the drive towards the end of the academic year, collecting new and used school shoes in a good condition from Private Schools and the public to then distribute to our adopted school that is Olwandle High School.

Current no. of Beneficiaries: 250 Learners from Olwandle High School

2. Project Leiara


Leiara was born out of the need to provide women and girls in our communities with access to menstrual health resources. Many young females face a myriad of challenges when it comes to menstruation. This ranges from the inability to afford sanitary pads, a lack of clean and sanitary ablution environments in schools, to barriers in accessing menstrual related information due to the taboo nature of the topic in many cultural and social settings.

No. of Beneficiaries: Currently 450 Girls from Nkonka High in Marburg

3. Rise Against Hunger


In the fight against hunger the sole purpose of this initiative was to complete the challenge that Rise Against Hunger set for Dream Big Stay Humble. The challenge was for the organization and its volunteers to achieve packing 15 000 meals in the space of 2 hours. The mission was completed

No. of meals packed & distributed: 15 000

Rise Against Hunger